The Univer Group originated in 1971 manufacturing valves but today they have become a major company specialising in the production of industrial automation equipment. A state of the art manufacturing and production facility is located in Bradford, Yorkshire and supports a network of distributors and the company's client base. Recent expansion has enabled growth capability for special projects. Research and development is a core philosophy.

Univer boast many of the major car manufacturers amongst their customers.

Innovation and working with new technologies has enabled Univer to be regarded as a leader in the field of automation. All products are tested and manufactured to the most rigorous of quality standards and according to the strictest directives. Highly qualified engineers focus on quality products to suit the most demanding of applications.

Univer has given the automotive industry outstanding support by developing a comprehensive series of pneumatic and electric lever clamps for robot welding, around Europe and in Australia & Brazil. Univer also specialise in the field of Pneumatic Automation Parts.

European Electronics is a distributor for Univer products.

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#Part NumberDescription 
#26J10A660025ASHORT GUIDE RODS SPO 063-063/0025 View
#27J64RS330400AUNITA'DI GUIDE FOR STRONG 032/0400 View
#28J12A330100AGUIDE LONG RODS SPO 032-032/0100 View
#29J54A210075AGUIDE TO PRO 2B 025-20/0075 View
#30KD1000800300MCIL ISO 80/0300 STEEL ROD MAGN View
#31RT2200400400Telescopic October 2ST 040/0400 DE WITH FLG View
#32W1001000040CB DE 100/0040 AM View
#33RQ2000630150CIL STRONG 063/150 OTTAG STEM CR View
#34K2010400100CIL ISO 40/0100 ST CR PASS View
#35K1000400200CIL ISO 40/0200 STEEL ROD View
#37RQ2000320200CIL STRONG 032/200 OTTAG STEM CR View
#38K2000320160MCIL ISO 32/0160 STEM CHROME MAGN View
#39DKJA550650DPOTRAMAGN DOUBLE X "J" 050-050/0650 View
#40M1510160050MICRO ISO 16/0050 PAS DE PNEUM View
#41VL12311501400CIL 90 � 1C 50/1400 C SFE MEDIUM LS / LD View
#42S1211402200MCIL 40/2200 CAR MED VER STD LS / LD M View
#43K2002000450MCIL ISO 200/0450 STEM CHROME MAGN View
#44S1033401000MCIL 40/1000 VER CAR STD STD PS / PD M View
#45J17A550050AGUIDE MOBILE CENTR 050-050/0050 View
#46J12A330700AGUIDE LONG RODS SPO 032-032/0700 View
#47S1011400200CIL 40/0200 VER CAR STD STD LS / LD View
#48K1001000450CIL ISO 100/0450 STEEL ROD View
#49J11A220200AMEDIA GUIDE RODS SPO 025-025/0200 View
#50K1001000075MCIL ISO 100/0075 STEEL ROD MAGN View
Displaying 26 - 50 of 4,997


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